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Paladins Partner Program

The Paladins Partner Program supports passionate content creators and communities around the globe every single update. Check out the criteria below to see if the Partner Program is the right fit for you!

Qualification Requirements:

1. You create regular Paladins content or manage a Paladins community.

2. If you are a broadcaster, you have 30+ average concurrent viewers. If you are a YouTuber, you get 2,000+ views per video. If you manage a community, your community has at least 1,000 active members.

3. Your content complies with the Twitch, and YouTube Terms of Services and Community Guidelines.

4. Your content doesn’t contain illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic, or other offensive material.

  • * Hi-Rez Studios reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules. Support is subject to change without notice. Hi-Rez Studios is not liable for your content. Partners that fail to maintain the qualification requirements will have their support revoked.
  • Rewards

    Loot for Giveaways

    Free Crystals

    Featured on Social Media

    Community Spotlight

    Paladins Asset Package

    Early Access to Content

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